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MASSC (Material Supply Strategy in a Crisis) Research

18 Dec 2020 20:56 | Anonymous

The provision of critical medical supplies such as mouth mask, respirators and tests became a critical part of the fight against the covid-19 outbreak. These medical supplies – normally routine purchases – became strategic purchases with the worldwide sharp increase in demand and supply chain disruptions as a result of the pandemic. Countries around the world used different supply strategies to obtain sufficient medical materials.

A team of researchers from research centre PPRC, the University of Twente, the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the International Research Study on Public Procurement (IRSPP) research team obtained a ZonMw grant to study these Material Supply Strategies in the covid-19 Crisis. The first stage of the research focusses on studying the Dutch response on national, regional and organisational level. The second phase broadens the scope to include the supply strategies on a national level in at least 23 countries around the world. The aim of this research is to learn from an international comparison of the different strategies in the Covid-19 crisis.

The research project started in September 2020 and will last throughout 2021. While the results are expected early 2022, intermediate findings will be shared through online sessions.

The research team currently working on the Dutch analysis consists of longtime IPSERA community members Louise Knight (UT), Esmee Peters (PPRC, UT), Laura Bosman (PPRC, UT), Jan Telgen (PPRC, UT), Niels Uenk (PPRC, UT, UU), Annelie Oortwijn (EUR), Erik van Raaij (EUR), and Kees Ahaus (EUR).

For the international comparison we work together with the IRSPP research group Christine Harland, Jane Lynch, Andrea Patrucco, Tünde Tatrai, Petra Ferk, Louise Knight, Jan Telgen, Esmee Peters, and Niels Uenk

If you wish to be updated on the progress and findings of the MASSC research, please contact Laura Bosman (laura.bosman@pprc.eu), and check the newsfeed of www.pprc.eu. For questions concerning the setup of the research, feel free to contact Niels Uenk (niels.uenk@pprc.eu) as overall project leader of the MASSC project.

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