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International Purchasing and Supply

Education and Research Association

aIPSERA Network

The IPSERA network consists of multiple types of communities. The Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are centered around topics in the purchasing and supply management domain. The Regional IPSERA Centres of Competence (RICCs) are local or regional communities with a strong standing on the field of purchasing and supply management. Finally, our IPSERA Ambassadors are single individuals who take a role in expanding IPSERA’s global reach by targeting specific local or regional communities.

IPSERA Ambassadors

Ambassadors are our way to expand IPSERA's reach to areas in which the IPSERA community has a more limited presence, such as the Global South, Asia, and parts of North America and Eastern Europe. Any member can apply, whether you are a seasoned professor or just starting your PhD journey.  

As an ambassador, you will have opportunities to organize local and regional events under the IPSERA banner, possibly with financial or other support from IPSERA. And you get to work with our amazing, supportive IPSERA community. If you have any questions, please reach out to Robert Suurmond:

  • Ambassador for South Africa: Micheline Naude
  • Ambassador for Egypt: Yasmine Medhat El-Henawy
  • Ambassador for Kenya: Vincent Odhiambo Achola
  • Ambassador for Nigeria: Favour Mba
  • Ambassador for Ghana: Ade Oyedijo
  • Ambassador for Turkey: Melek Akın Ateş
  • Ambassador for India: Venkatesh (VK) Erian
  • Ambassador for China: Yan Jiang
  • Ambassador for Vietnam: Linh Duong
  • Ambassador for the Caribean: Mickael Cita
  • Ambassador for Thailand: Sukrit Vinayavekhin

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

A Special Interest Group is an international, multi-institutional group of active purchasing and supply management researcher, practitioners and educators on a specific topic or theme. As a minimum scale, we expect at least two, but ideally three full-time researchers/practitioners/educators and members of IPSERA in the specific area of the SIG, as leaders of the SIG.

As SIGs bring disparate researchers together, these leaders should be affiliated with different institutions. A key requirement is a statement of plans and ambitions for ongoing efforts to build and sustain a community of experts in the SIG theme, including at least one event per three years hosted by the SIG. For renewal of SIG status, evidence of such efforts is required.

Current IPSERA Special Interest Groups (SIGs):

  • Education (Coordinators: Marika Tuomela-Pyykkönen,  & Stephen Kelly)
  • Internet of Things  (Coordinators: Herbert Ruile, Hervé Legenvre & Michael Henke)
  • Purchasing & Product Innovation (Coordinators: Marie-Anne Le Dain & Thomas Johnsen)
  • Strategic Purchasing in the Public Domain (Coordinators: Louise Knight, Carmela Di Mauro, Katri Kauppi & Andrea Patrucco)
  • Supply Chain Finance (Coordinator: Luca Gelsomino)
  • Supply Chain Risk & Resilience (Coordinator: George Zsidisin)
  • Sustainability (Coordinators: Annachiara Longoni, Davide Luzzini,  Donna Marshall, Helen Walker,  Leo Marques, Lucy McCarthy, Mellie Pullman & Jo Meehan)

Regional IPSERA Centre of Competence (RICCs)

A Regional IPSERA Centre of Competence (RICC) is a local or regional community of active PSM researchers and educators. As minimum scale, we expect at least one chair dedicated to PSM, and at least three full-time researchers/educators in the area of PSM. A regional centre may be composed of members affiliated with different institutions in the same region. A key requirement is a statement of plans and ambitions for ongoing efforts to build/sustain a local PSM community, including at least one event per three years organised by the RICC. For renewal of RICC status, evidence of such efforts is required.

Current IPSERA Regional IPSERA Centres of Competence (RICCs):

  • Maastricht University, The Netherlands (Coordinator: Frank Rozemeijer
  • Rotterdam School of Management, The Netherlands (Coordinator: Erik van Raaij)
  • Open University, The Netherlands (Coordinator: Janjaap Semeijn)
  • EIPM Archamps, France (Coordinator: Hervé Legenvre)
  • Audencia Business School, France (Coordinator: Thomas Johnsen)
  • University of Pannonia, Hungary  (Coordinator: Dirk-Jan F. Kamann)
  • LUT University, Lappeenranta Finland (Coordinator: Katrina Lintukangas)
  • Bundeswehr University Munich & University of Mannheim, Germany (Coordinators: Michael Essig & Christoph Bode)
  • University of Missouri UMSL, USA (Coordinator: George Zsidisin)
  • University of Twente, European Laboratory for Innovative Purchasing and Supply (EL-IPS), The Netherlands (Coordinator: Klaas Stek)
  • Newcastle University, United Kingdom (Coordinator: Ying Yang)
  • Utrecht University, The Netherlands (Coordinator: Fredo Schotanus)
  • University College Dublin, Ireland (Coordinator: Donna Marshall)
  • Politecnico di Milano, Italy (Coordinator: Antonella Moretto)
  • University of São Paulo - FEA International Center of Purchasing Studies (CIEC), Brazil (Coordinator: Gustavo Menoncin Pereira)

Contact IPSERA's network manager at to inquire about applying to be ambassador, and for SIG or RICC status.

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