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International Purchasing and Supply

Education and Research Association

About us 

The International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA) is a multi-disciplinary network of educators, researchers, academics and practitioners dedicated to the development of Purchasing and Supply Management education, research and best practice.

Attendance at the annual conference is the highlight of the IPSERA year and showcases the most recent education, research and best practice developments in our field. The conference welcomes contributions from educators, academics and practitioners in any field or discipline who contribute to our understanding of Purchasing and Supply.

Membership of IPSERA offers contact with a global network of experts on a range of issues relating to Purchasing and Supply concepts.

Our certified 'Regional IPSERA Centres' and ’Special Interest Groups', offer decentralised regional and knowledge platforms for academic exchange and diffusion of new ideas and concepts across the world.

Our focus on equality, diversity and inclusion and our focus on developing communities that are not well represented in IPSERA means we are one of the most welcoming associations you can join.  We would love to have you with us.

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