International Purchasing and Supply

Education and Research Association

About us 

The International Purchasing and Supply Education and Research Association (IPSERA) is a multi-disciplinary network of academics and practitioners dedicated to the development of knowledge concerning Purchasing and Supply Management.

Attendance at the annual conference guarantees exposure to some of the most recent research developments in this field. The conference welcomes contributions from academics in any field or discipline that has a contribution to make to understanding of Purchasing and Supply phenomena.

Membership of IPSERA offers consultants and practitioners contact with a global network of experts on a range of issues relating to Purchasing and Supply concepts.

Our certified "Academic Centres of Excellence' and 'Regional Nodes', offer decentralised regional platforms for academic exchange and diffusion of new ideas and concepts across the world.


Mission statement

IPSERA acts as a reference platform for academics and practitioners to exchange ideas, stimulate discussions and reflect on concepts, theories and educational forms and methods in an open and friendly atmosphere. The topics discussed and issues raised should one way or another improve the professional quality of those, active in the field of purchasing and supply management.

Key values of the Association are the following:

  • leading edge research in the field of purchasing and supply management; 
  • innovation in approaches and methodologies in both research and education; 
  • practice oriented activities having an impact on the purchasing and supply society;
  • environment and social responsibility related to purchasing and supply fields;
  • transparency and friendliness among all members.


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