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We would like to welcome PhD students to participate in the IPSERA Doctoral Workshop organized on Sunday March 30, 2025 in Rotterdam. The objective of the workshop is to help PhD students to develop and improve their research and to build an international network of fellow PhD students and world-renowned faculty. The IPSERA Doctoral Workshop is targeted purchasing and supply management PhD students. 

Participating students will have the opportunity to present their research, which will be discussed by their colleagues and senior faculty. During the workshop, they will also benefit from talks related to methods, career development, and the publication process. 

The Doctoral Workshop coordinator is Dr. Robert Suurmond.

If you have specific visa application or need anticipation for traveling plans, we will conduct an Express Submission process for the Doctoral Workshop. Otherwise follow the instructions and steps below. 

Express submission deadlines (for those that require a visa support letter only): 

 Date Event
 September 2, 2024 Submission opens  
 September 22, 2024 Submission deadline of statement of interest (*) 
 October 27, 2024 Submission deadline of full research proposal (*) 
 November 15, 2024 Notification of the review process  

* These should be submitted directly to Dr. Robert Suurmond at

Regular submission deadlines: 

 Date Event
 September 2, 2024 Submission opens  
 October 27, 2024 Submission deadline of statement of interest (*) 
 December 1, 2024 Submission deadline of full research proposal (*) 
 December 20, 2024 Notification of the review process  
* These should be submitted directly to Dr. Robert Suurmond at

APPLICATION to the Doctoral Workshop
STEP 1 - Statement of interest

PhD students interested in presenting their research should submit a brief statement of interest by October 27, 2024 by email to Dr. Robert Suurmond at  This statement should contain your name, affiliation, PhD supervisor(s), stage in the doctoral process, title, and brief description of your research. 

STEP 2 - Research proposal / PhD dissertation paper (for accepted Statement of interest) 

A full research proposal or a paper (max. 20 pages) that is part of the PhD dissertation must be submitted by December 1, 2024 by email to Dr. Robert Suurmond to The full research proposal/paper will be reviewed, and the number of accepted proposals for the presentations will be limited. Review criteria include topical fit to IPSERA, clarity, review of relevant literature, thoughtful discussion of research methods, and stage of the research. Please note that the research paper submitted to the Doctoral Workshop cannot be the same that is submitted to the main IPSERA conference. The notification of the acceptance will be emailed by December 20, 2024.


The option to join the Doctoral Workshop is included in the IPSERA Conference fee. The PhD students presenting at the workshop are expected to join the main conference in the subsequent days. All PhD students participating in the Doctoral Workshop are eligible for the reduced conference fee. To receive a reduced PhD fee, please create your profile as PhD student on the IPSERA website: and send your PhD proof of status to to activate your membership. 

Please note that registration for the conference is separate from registration for the Doctoral Workshop. You should apply directly with Dr. Robert Suurmond for the Doctoral Workshop and after approval you can register for the main conference through the “Registration”.


PhD students also have the possibility to receive bursaries that provide financial support for the conference and workshop attendance. After your statement of interest is accepted, you can apply by filling the bursary application form by December 1, 2024. All applications will be treated confidentially. Decisions for all applicants will be made by the end of December 2024

More information about the IPSERA 2025 bursaries and the requirements for application will soon be available on the Bursaries page. 

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