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Triple SIG workshop on Digitalization

18 Dec 2020 20:24 | Anonymous

This Wednesday Dec 16th we held the Digitalisation Workshop, a joint effort from the IoT SIG, the Purchasing Innovation SIG and the Supply Chain Finance SIG. During four hours, over 50 participants discussed the challenges of going digital in PSM and the impact of digitalisation across research at the three SIGs.

The event has blended the practitioner’s perspective, future thinking research questions, and fresh research from the community.

We have learned that technologies are not magic bullets, that people is key to carry out the transition, and that understanding how humans and machines will collaborate is a fundamental issue to be tackled.  We have also learned the difference between quick-wins produced by automation and long-lasting strategic change driven by augmentation. And we have been provoked to reflect how we must change education to embed the digital trend in our teaching.

An amazing event that is only one of the many of THE YEAR of IPSERA… Stay tuned!

Leo Marques, IPSERA Network Manager

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