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Crafting an Effective Review workshop

04 Sep 2020 10:30 | Jenny Backstrand (Administrator)

The editors of leading operations and supply chain journals have hosted a workshop entitled, “Crafting an Effective Review.”

You can view the workshop here; Recorded workshop 

This workshop is designed for participants who are interested in becoming involved with a journal as a reviewer, as well as for experienced reviewers who would like to hone their reviewing skills. Topic covered include:

  • Why serve as a journal reviewer?
  • Ethical responsibilities of reviewers
  • Developmental reviewing
  • Plagiarism and other wrongdoings
  • Key questions to ask when doing a review
  • How to effectively structure a written review
  • Q&A

Participating editors include:

International Journal of Operations and Production Management
Constantin Blome
Rob Klassen

Journal of Business Logistics
Beth Davis-Sramek

Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management
Louise Knight
Wendy Tate

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