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Special Interest Group on Supply Chain Finance

02 Sep 2020 09:35 | Jenny Backstrand (Administrator)

Sorry to miss you this year!

As you know, the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting hard everywhere. We are sorry to miss our fellow colleagues at our yearly conference, but are eager to meet you again as soon as we can!

In the meantime, the topic of Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is becoming more relevant than ever. Liquidity scarcity and supply chain issues are exacerbated by the pandemic, and a solid integration between procurement, supply chain and financial strategies is becoming vital for many companies throughout the world.

We have not sit idle. Members of the SIG have been active in disseminating their knowledge, especially through practitioners (but we guess academic article won’t take much longer!). For example, our colleagues and SIG members Federico Caniato and Antonella Moretto have co-authored a piece on Harvard Business Review titled “A financial crisis is looming for smaller suppliers”.

Through the SCF Community (who co-manages the SIG) outlets we have provided practitioners with several pieces of information on SCF and COVID, including several articles and webinars including speeches by Michael Henke, Michiel Steeman and Viktor Elliot, all available for free on the SCF Briefing website.

Working hard on keeping in contact

In this uncertain environment accurate predictions have become critically difficult to make. Usually, the SIG meets in November, the day before the main SCF Community event, to present paper ideas and discuss what’s going on in the SCF area. This year, this will likely not be possible.

However, we are preparing to host the now-traditional SIG meeting in online form. Can’t promise anything right now, but you will hear from us!

Participation to the SIG, in whatever form, has always been and will remain free of charge this year as well. The SIG meeting is open to anyone interested in research implications or academic collaboration on SCF (in its broadest understanding).

If you are interested in joining the SIG meeting or, more in general, to remain in contact with us, please contact Luca Gelsomino (luca@scfcommunity.org).

The Special Interest Group on Supply Chain Finance

The SIG on Supply Chain Finance (SCF) is a group created in October 2017 and led by the SCF Community (www.scfcommunity.org)  as part of the activities of the IPSERA network, in recognition of the growing interest amongst researchers (and practitioners) towards SCF and, more in general, the integration between finance and supply chain.

As the number of submissions to the IPSERA conference on the topic of SCF increases every year, researchers in this field feel the need to build a network that can strengthen relationship and foster academic collaboration.

The SIG, therefore, has three aims:(i) provide opportunities for discussion and reflection on research implication on the SCF topic, (ii) a platform to better define and organise SCF-related inputs and contributions within the IPSERA conference and (iii) foster collaboration opportunities (e.g. cross-university publications, friendly review, early stage exchange of ideas) between members.

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