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02 Sep 2020 09:33 | Jenny Backstrand (Administrator)

EIPM is a school dedicated to Purchasing & Supply Management (PSM). Our mission is to serve our clients by deploying knowledge in PSM to contribute to sustainable value creation for different stakeholders. With branches in Geneva and Shanghai and partnerships in Brazil, India, Mexico, North America, Poland and the United Arab Emirates, the Institute has developed a complete range of solutions to meet the training and development needs of its large base of international clients in all sectors of industry. EIPM is also operating the EIPM Peter Kraljic award that requires company to go through a demanding assessment process that include a validation visit by two trained assessors.

On the research side, EIPM is making continuous investment in and contribution to research.  In 2020, we have been celebrating the 5th anniversary of the EIPM Value Creation Observatory. Over the past years we have addressed a diversity of topics including Innovation, The internet of Things, Shared Value Creation or Open Hardware. Our research builds on our network of CPOs and Practitioners but also on academic collaborations that have involved other IPSERA members. As we believe in openness and collaboration, we also support IPSERA SIGs whenever possible.

While 2020 has led us to study the response of PSM organisation to the pandemic and the lockdowns; it is also the year we launch our new book “Fifth Generation Purchasing” that describe our vision for the profession. The changing business landscape calls for new ways of thinking and acting within purchasing. Purchasing organisations cannot focus purely on leveraging scale and power to optimise costs they also need to work in sync with both their stakeholders and external partners to deliver timely value. They need to harness pace and speed to obtain an advantage for the business and capture opportunities in the market at the right time. The book describes six work modes and offers a wealth of interviews and practical tools. We hope this will inspire further debates and research as temporal perspective deserves more study in the PSM research community.

For any questions, feel free to contact us. Hervé Legenvre will be glad to answer you hlegenvre@eipm.org

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