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  • The first IPSERA Africa Initiative Conference was held digitally on September 12, 2023

The first IPSERA Africa Initiative Conference was held digitally on September 12, 2023

13 Sep 2023 09:47 | Mohammad H. Eslami (Administrator)

The first IPSERA Africa Initiative Conference convened digitally on September 12, 2023, uniting over 120 enthusiasts from across the African continent, including representatives from South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Egypt, Cameroon, Ghana, and Nigeria and more nations.

Spanning 11 riveting presentations, the conference delved deep into pressing topics in purchasing and supply chain management such as:

-Social and behavioral dynamics in SCM
-Technological advancements in logistics and purchasing
-Sustainability initiatives
-Risk management and resilience strategies

The event was headlined by a keynote speech from Prof. Nat Boso from Ghana, who shared profound insights in a presentation titled, "Co-creating Purchasing and Supply Management Knowledge: Insights from Africa."

Following this, an exceptional session brought together editors from renowned journals in the field including the Journal of Supply Chain Management, Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, and International Journal of Operations and Production Management. Under the moderation of Sherwat Elwan Ibrahim from Egypt, the session spotlighted the unique challenges and prospects facing African scholars, offering guidance on enhancing publishability in these journals.

Special thanks to Ade Oyedijo and Yasmine El-Henawy for organizing this pivotal initiative, and to all the participants who enriched the discussions with their feedback, support, and insights during the presentations.

As we reflect on the enriching insights garnered, we are left with a renewed anticipation for the growth and evolution in Africa's supply chain management landscape.

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