Marketing and Publicity - Jury Gualandris

Job title:  Assist. Professor in Operations Management & Sustainability

Institution: Ivey Business School, Western University (London, Canada)

Email: jgualandris@ivey.ca

Jury Gualandris joined the IPSERA Executive Committee in March 2016. He is currently an Assist. Professor at Ivey Business School, Western University (London, Canada). Before accepting this appointment, he was an Assistant Professor at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School (Dublin, Ireland).

In his responsibility of Marketing and Membership Lead on the IPSERA executive committee, he enjoys working with IPSERA members and friends to gather and responsively diffuse material information that may support our research and teaching endeavors. 

Jury's research interests focus primarily on exploring when and how supply chains generate negative (positive) externalities for society and the natural environment. This research emphasizes, first, examining what structures limit (foster) supply chain accountability and sustainability, and second, understanding how leaders in public, private and non-profit sectors can collaborate to fundamentally reframe such structures to benefit businesses, society and the natural environment. This research has helped to better understand how trust, integration and globalization at the supply chain level positively affect the extent to which manufacturing firms within the chain successfully adopt safer and greener production and sourcing practices. This research also theorizes multiple ways through which manufacturing firms can build full accountability in their supply chains, leveraging inclusive decision-making processes that align divergent stakeholders' expectations. Jury’s most recent publication sheds light on how non-profit organizations coordinate influencing, advocacy and development activities that deliver transformational change of global supply chains. Current research projects look at the duality change-stability with the development of sustainable supply chains.

This research has received several awards and has appeared in top academic journals including Journal of Operations Management, Journal of Supply Chain Management, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, and several others.

Jury is an Associate Editor of JPSM and seats in the Editorial Review Board of the ‘Journal of Supply Chain Management’ and 'International Journal of Operations and Production Management'.

His teaching is synergistic to research and covers areas such as ‘Corporations and Society’, 'Operations Management', ‘Supply Chain Analytics’ and ‘Project Procurement’. Jury’s teaching philosophy resolves around individualized learning through an inclusive and interactive sense-making/giving process. He aims at providing a safe, encouraging and challenging environment to his international students. He is keen to combine case studies discussion and role-play simulations to advance students’ learning and facilitate the development of know-why (scientific or causal knowledge) and know-how (procedural knowledge). 

Twitter: @JuryG 

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