Education - Marika Tuomela-Pyykkönen

Job title: Doctoral student

Institution: University of Oulu, Oulu Business School

Email: Marika.Tuomela-Pyykkonen@oulu.fi


Marika Tuomela-Pyykkönen (MSc, Logistics) is doctoral student at the University of Oulu, Oulu Business School, Finland. Her research interests include evolving procurement organisations and capabilities, especially in large infrastructure projects in the mining industry. In her doctoral dissertation, she focuses on developing an organisation-level procurement capability model to draw attention to leadership, commercial and technical capabilities in establishing and developing purchasing organisations, and to support managerial decision-making in related issues. 

Her earlier research on “Implementing Procurement Strategy: A Case of a Finnish Construction Company” was awarded as the Best Logistics Research in Northern Finland, 2011. She has published peer-reviewed conference papers relating to her doctoral research and accomplished a research exchange period in COSMO – Stochastic Mine Planning Laboratory at McGill University, Montreal, Canada in 2013

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